Family Guy Characters

Welcome welcome welcome!  So which character is your favorite?  Is it Peter? Stewie?  Could it be Lois, Chris, or Meg?  We have tons of info and clips from each character over the years.  You can check out each character page for more info on their character and clips of them in show.  Take a look around and let us know what you think!

Before you start searching the site, you MUST watch the video below.  It’s a compilation of TONS of deleted scenes that never aired!  Absolutely histarical!!!  BTW, it’s completely uncensored!  You will laugh your ass off the whole 40 or so minutes!  If you are a true Family Guy fan, you gotta watch this video!

Just thought I would through this video in real quick.  No matter how many times I see the Epic Chicken fight, I still laugh.

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